Running Shoes 4 Kids

Stepping into Life, Two Shoes at a Time


What are We Made of?

Running Shoes4kiDs is a non-profit organization who's goal is to provide athletic shoes to children in need so all our children can live fun & active lifestyles!

How We Make it Happen

We teamed up with North Idaho Panhandle Cross Country and NIPXC puts on fun runs and activities each month to encourage kids to get up and get active. All proceeds from these activities go towards shoes that we then donate to kids in need :)

Our Leaders

We are lead by our founder, Colene Hotmer. Please click on "About Us" to learn how she started it all! Our CEO, Lynnae Rhoades, PR's Brenda Oswell, Nikki McLeod, and Jill Steffes, & our coaches include Alex Fox, Spencer St.Mars, and Reina Powell, and our very own Coach Colene :)