Running Shoes 4 Kids

Stepping into Life, Two Shoes at a Time

Running Shoes 4 Kids

"Here is a history on how Running Shoes 4kiDs began.  In 2009, I started an elementary cross-country running sport after school.  It began with only 47 kiddos and our last year we had over 110 elementary runners ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade.  During the time I was coaching I saw several kiddos who didn't have the greatest shoes to run in.  I witnessed some kids running in cowboy boots, converse shoes, shoes with holes in them and shoes no support.  Young elementary kiddos one day will be high school athletes, college athletes, and maybe even olympic athletes.  If they run in poor gear with no support it is likely they could receive permanent life long injuries.  

In 2012, myself and several other parents began North Idaho Panhandle Cross Country. The mission of the NiPxc program is to create an accepting,  supportive, fun and positive environment.  All of us at NiPxc are committed to developing champions both on and off the course. We encourage our runners to strive towards excellence and to believe in their individual abilities. Our motto, "Every Step is a Running Step" applies both in cross country and in life.  At NiPxc help instill in each runner the belief that consistent effort pays off and the harder they work the more they will achieve both as individual runner, as a team, and in their life ahead.   Our coaches goal is to help build up individual belief, strength, self confidence, and a strong mind in each runner.  

To encourage kiddos to get off the couch, to get outside,  to have fun, and to raise money for athletic shoes we began two youth races: The Run 2 Summer and The Harvest Run. These races offer kiddos a chance to discover what running is all about with shorter distances than the normal 5K race available to the public.  Both races in the summer and the fall are designed to raise money and benefitting the RUNNING SHOES 4kiDs program.  This non-profit organization is designed to help ease the burden from parents that are unable to afford good, quality shoes for the talented runners.  As in any sport, quality and correct gear can make a difference between injury and no injury.  Quality gear also offers more of a fun, enjoyable experience than an un-fun, painful experience.  We at NiPxc want every kiddos to have an equal, awesome opportunity to have fun and strengthen their individual ability and self-worth!"

Our intention is to help kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in athletic sports by providing running shoes or athletic shoes like dance, soccer, or running shoes for them. You can nominate a youth in your area by sending a nomination form to Coach Colene on our "Contact" page. As well, shoes will be offered at our youth/community races: Run 2 Summer in June and Harvest Run in October.

Contact Coach Colene about Running Shoes 4 Kids.